Get subscribers seeing YOU as their dream expert & not an irrelevant time-sucker

Before we look at 5 top tips to ensure your lead magnet delights your audience, lets define what a ‘lead magnet’ is. A lead magnet (also known as freebie, opt-in, giveaway) is an incentive you offer potential buyers in exchange for their personal details, usually their email address or phone number. It can look something like this….

Statistics show you need to build an email list in order for your business to reach the heady heights you dream of. The more people you have on your list, the more chance you have of selling your offers, as you have a ‘captured’ audience. (No chains involved).

You’ll often position the opt-in somewhere on your website, to encourage visitors to sign up to your list especially if they’re not yet ready to buy. Websites for coaches, consultants & wellness businesses, work REALLY well on conversions when they have an opt-in visible.  Because, often people want to get to know you before they book you. 

No-body ain’t trustin’ no-body anymore.  Truth.

You can also use your opt-in offer in social media posts and ads, in order to get the clicks and get people on to your list.

There are different types of lead magnets and I’ve outlined some of the top performers here, so go check that out later if you need ideas. But some examples are checklists, videos, reports, webinar tutorials, book chapters, 5-day challenges and free trials…among others.

Lead magnets are shown to work powerfully as a tactic for business growth, a fact that’s backed by all the stats.  But, it’s getting harder to get attention and make people feel it’s worth swapping their email address for something free.

Everyone’s become disillusioned.  We’re all living in the on-line Wild West, where some of the total shitzol we’re downloading has us shaking our fist at the sky, screeching, ‘I gave you my freakin’ email for THIS?’


There are lorry loads of free offers out there.  Everyone’s expecting more in exchange for opting in. So it’s vital that your lead magnet offers a nifty bit of value that surprises and pleases your trusting subscribers.

At the end of consuming your content, your opt-inners (it’s a word)… should see you as a potential person they want to work with.  THE person who can solve their problems.

To get started on the right foot, here are 5 tips on maximising your chance of positioning yourself as that ‘go to’ person they MUST book.

Let’s dig in.

1. One Little Bite

Think of your optin this way.  If you were going for a 3 course meal and the starter was a huge portion of pasta, you might skip the main and dessert and leave stuffed with carbs.

Some people offer the whole 3 courses with their opt-in and it feeds the hungry human, leaving no reason to pay for anything at all.

Your free offer should be the little bowl of olives you get as an aperitif while you look at the menu. They are delicious, beautifully presented in a ceramic bowl with a slither or fresh baked bread.

Give mouth-watering satisfaction, but making them hungry for more.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Make it snackable and leave them drooling for the mains.

2. Solve One Problem Only

Target a specific problem that you audience is facing, and it should be a painful issue they want a solution for right now. An example of this might be…‘How to optimise your homepage’, OR ‘5 tips to convert enrollment calls’.

Focus on one pain point or a specific part of a pain point. You want to help them solve a little problem, or a part of a bigger thing, without getting unfocused or over-delivering.

Because… #keepin’itreal…no-one wants to read our fancy shit.  They want some pronto pain relief.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  One problem.  One Solution.  Cut the fluff.

3. Less Is MORE

Don’t boggle their head with a 10,000 word complex report,

A cheat sheet, video or audio that takes minutes rather than hours to consume…is enough.  (Unless your people are giant swots…then go write your academic heart out).

A lot of the people downloading your freebie will be new to your topic and they need it simply laid out with key information. They usually want to get info or take actions steps quickly.

That said, the key thing is to keep in mind your audience, their current knowledge of the topic and your overall business strategy.

Do your research and know the outcomes you want for them AND you.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Keep it simple. Aim it at their current competency levels. Avoid time suckery.

4. Stay On Brand

Make the optin consistent with your overall brand message.

It’s important to set up expectations for future dealings with you.  Your freebie is an ideal chance to showcase your visuals, voice and signature style.

Keep in mind your ideal customer.  If they’re new they might want a 5 step guide to getting their first clients; if they’re looking to level up, they might be eager to grab a 6 steps to 6 figures plan.

The topic of ‘niche’ comes into play when creating any content. The more finely honed your target market is, the easier it is to create a free offer that’ll make them swoon.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Make them fall in love with your brand by showcasing your signature style and setting expectations early on.

5. Avoid the click-bait mug off

Have you ever handed over your email address for a freebie that’s full of the bland, the obvious and the infuriatingly useless?

Yeah, let’s avoid that.

We want them saying, ‘OOH-LA-LA’, not ‘Thanks a lot for fluffing nothing‘.

The point of an optin is not just to get people on your list… it’s to get them to see you as the ‘go to’ person to solve their bigger problems.

You don’t have to craft something substantial, but it should add a little bit of magic to their life.

Key Takeaway:  Keep it real.  Don’t make people MAD with a tantalising title that leaves them feeling there’s muggery at large.

That’s all for now folks.


These 5 little tips that will help leave a bigger smile on the faces of your potential new clients. Getting the right balance when creating your free offer, will help you slide into the mind, hearts and wallets of your new sign ups.

The money is indeed ‘in the list’ so start growing yours with your beautiful opt-in offer.  Your subscribers will be delighted from the off, and you’ll be top of mind when they need a li’l bit more magic.

Happy creating.

Love, Peace & Business Balling.


Linda B x

Start profiting from your NATURAL gifts.

Take the quiz to receive your Personal Superpower Blueprint.  If you have a ‘calling’ to change lives…then finding out who you REALLY are is the path to success.  Just do it you crazy diamond.

Start profiting from your NATURAL gifts.

Take the quiz to receive your Personal Superpower Blueprint.  If you have a ‘calling’ to change lives…then finding out who you REALLY are is the path to success.  Just do it you crazy diamond.