Choose a quick-launch website or a complete branding service

Your business is launched in 4 EASY steps……

Order your package with just 50% upfront.  You can talk with me if you need pre-order advice.  Book your consultation and we’ll discuss all your needs. Nice & easy!

I’ll get to work building your site straight away, with all your customised images, colours, fonts and features. (Comes with free image bundle if you don’t have images yet).

You give it the ‘ok’ and I install it on your domain (holler if you need me to get you a domain sorted).

I connect your email, calendars and buttons etc.  You launch it live and end up with a sales driven website and a brand that POPS.  It’s as simple as that!



Look STYLISH on all devices

You’ll look beautiful on mobile, desktop & tablet, so you’ll look impressive on all searches.

ALL the tech done for you

Just provide your information and we’ll get all your services hooked up. You’ll be trading from day one and monetizing your value QUICKLY.

Collect your fans

Opt-in forms and buttons to collect emails and build that list who chant your name all over town. All your social media icons added so you connect to your people.

What happens first?

Arrange a call with me to establish if you want a starter website or a full brand and build service.  You pay 50% of your package price.  Then we get to work and the remaining payment is paid when you’re happy with your site.

When will my site go live?

When you send all the details we need, we aim for:

14 days depending on your package.  It does all depend on what you want and how quickly you can get the information to us.  Full branding packages can take longer if you are having coaching and starting from scratch.

Are there any hidden costs

£What you see if what you get.  The only other costs are outlined below which are:

  • FREE HOSTING for 3-6 months then £9 per month if you want to stay with us.
  • If you have an existing site and you’re choosing to relaunch with a Dreamy Website, we can arrange temporary domain hosting for your new site, while we work on it.  That way your existing site can continue to operate during development. Then we’ll move it over to your existing domain when it’s ready.  This is a one time fee of 29.
  • Additional tech training and/or coaching (one to one), plus the larger whole brand and copy packages are at additional cost.  However, we provide training for you to keep your site updated, although we’d prefer to take care of your updates so the site stays beautiful.
  • After initial setup and going ‘live’ additional changes are at additional cost. 
  • We can offer you webmaster and development packages to look after your site for you. Ask us during consultation.

How do I get a domain and hosting?

Domain – You can keep your domain if you have one, or we purchase one for you and set it all up.  Hosting Service – Your Dreamy Website is hosted free for 3-6 months with us, depending on your package. Then you can move to your own hosting and we’ll help you do that.   Of course, you can stay on our hosting for a monthly fee of £9, which gives you peace of mind.

Can I get HELP if I need it?

ALWAYS!  We are in this to build long-term relationships with our customers.  We have a closed Facebook group to answer all your questions and also share other business-building strategies and advice.   

What if my site goes down or I mess up my website?

If you site hosting goes down and you host with us, we’ll contact the hosting company and find out the problem and keep you updated. If you’re on your own hosting, you’ll have to contact the hosting company and talk it through with them yourself. It’s usually easy to get to chat with them on-line (although time consuming sometimes!).

Once we install your site you’ll have time to check that there are no bugs or errors and we ALWAYS put right our own builds and everything that we’ve provided for you.  Once you make changes, if you do make mistakes and delete or change things you didn’t mean to, then you can talk to us in the group and we’ll try to help. We can’t, however, take responsibility for YOUR changes to the site once it’s handed over. BUT if you follow the instructions and talk to us in the group…you should be fine.  45 percent of small biz owners build and run their own websites and we all have to deal with the everyday issues that having a website brings. 

The only way to avoid the niggles is to invest in some help. You can find a web developer to assist…or you can choose a service package with us.

Can I customise my site?

Like anyone who has a website, you’re either tech minded or not.  It’s a WordPress Website using the Divi Builder. If you’re Ok with that, yes you can edit the site.  If you’re not, we don’t recommend it…it is a learning curve.  We offer a maintenance service and add-ons as your business grows.  

Do I fully own my site?

Yes, you own the site. Unlike template sites that charge you monthly, you are free to go!  Fly, fly away…and come back when you need me.

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