“The Clicks, The Clients & The Cha-Cha-Ching”


If you’ve been trying to grow your business on-line, you might have heard the phrase, ‘The money is in the list’. Stats show the more people you have on your email list, the more offers you’re going to sell and the more money you’re going to make.

So if hustling for customers has left you drowning in doubt, crying for your blankie and ready to give up…when woah…woah…and woah.

It doesn’t have to be a head wrecker.

one way to gain traction is with an irresistible lead magnet (opt-in, free offer…whatever you want to call it).

For those that don’t know, a ‘lead magnet’ is a free gift or service, in exchange for the personal details of a potential customer…usually their email address.  It will relate to a problem or pain of your ideal customer, which can partly be solved by your giveaway.

When done right, a creative lead magnet can showcase your talent and generate lots of interest in your business so you:

  • Have an inbox filled with grateful subscribers
  • Stake your claim as the ONLY authority your perfect clients will consider
  • Go from being a knowledge sharer to the one they HAVE TO HAVE helping them privately

Data also shows that 95% of visitors to your website, WON’T BUY on their first visit, so the next best thing to shoot for is getting them onto your list.  That way, you can nurture them and let them see you as the obvious choice to help them down the line.

But it can be tricky.

Because just knowing that list building is essential, doesn’t mean it’s easy to come up with an original idea to capture leads.  It’s hard to craft something that gets their eyeballs pinging and their fingers magnetically pulled towards the ‘SIGN UP HERE’ button.

But it’s possible.

And it starts with positioning yourself as an expert with the RIGHT free offer that excites the RIGHT people. (They’re YOUR people by the way).

That’s the good news…in fact it’s the great news.

Below are 8 opt-in ideas that’ll help you get the clicks, the clients and the cha-cha-ching.

Let’s dig in.


Offering quickfire solution to a pain point they have. It needs a tantalising title that is results orientated. “The 1 text to send a man to get him chasing you’” just sounds too irresistible to turn down.

These are the kinds of headlines that get people curious and clicking.

Hopefully, you have the content to back up the promise in the title. If you want to learn more about crafting sticky headlines that are like magnets to audiences, then read ‘Made To Stick’ by Dan and Chip Heath. We can all benefit from knowing more about psychology and human behaviour when we’re trying to get people to follow our calls to action.


Self discovery is ALWAYS an attraction magnet for customers and you can develop a creative quiz that reveals an aspect of themselves or their business. We can’t resist a discovery quiz. It tempts us with the curiosity trigger. The one below is an opt-in for Dreamy Website. You can click it from this page and you’ll be able to discover a lot about your core genius and how to monetize it.


5 day, 21 day or 30 day (however many days) challenge that lays out a sequence of steps they take to achieve a specific result. “5 Day Homepage Copy Challenge”, “21 Day List Building Challenge” or “Run 5k in 30 Days”. People love a structure, because it offers something solid with a timescale that seems achievable and within their grasp.

The challenge is always a great way to build engagement and a relationship with your audience.  It’s much more valuable than having them just grabbing a freebie and forgetting about you.

If you can make it both entertaining and motivational, then they’ll get results and see you as a natural coach or mentor moving forward.

You can do this via email or Facebook, which allows you to also build your Facebook group fans. Point to note: Make sure each part of the challenge is a very small step that’s easy but still creates progress.  Small steps could be actions such as, ‘Interview 3 people on a Facebook group about their number one business problem’. Or, ‘Make a list of 10 personal strengths that you can use to grow your business’. Or, ‘Day 1 challenge, write your healthy eating shopping list’.

You want them to stay motivated and not drop out of the challenge because they don’t have time to take long-winded action steps.


This is great for building brand awareness, curiosity and audience engagement.

You can offer an email sequence that releases intriguing information over time.  “The 4 Part Storyselling Video Series”, “The 5 Part Funnel Tutorial”.  It should have them waiting eagerly to grab the next part that makes up the whole.

It’s a great way to warm your audience up and get them hungry for your big offer that can come at the end of the series.  It’s also a great way to build on the ‘know, like and trust’ that Robert Cialdini talks about in his book ‘Influence’.

People will appreciate the knowledge that you’ve shared and you have the opportunity to show your authority on a topic.  That’s great for building rapport and capturing the hearts of your potential new customers.

Jeff Walker does this beautifully with his 4 part ‘no fail’ launch video series and has made millions of dollars on the back of it!

The multi part optin takes more time, but if you have a high-ticket offer, it can help prime people and give them the confidence to deep dive with you.


This is a creative way to speak right to the heart of your ideal client. Offer a beautifully designed PDF to fill out that helps people explore something they are puzzled or curious about. “10 Essential Questions to Find Your Life Purpose”, OR “Nail Your Niche With These 7 Questions”. We all want to know what the questions are and it’s a nice bite size reflective process that can reveal an important answer for your audience.


This is a report that has some analysis, statistic and research that the client will find useful in solving their problem. “The Top Performing Facebook Ads of 2018”, “`Scientific Method For Building Muscle Quicker”, “Psychology Based Report On Finding Mr Right”, “The Charisma Code – Psychology Backed Strategies For Excelling At Networking”.

Remember it’s easy to find research backed information on-line and you can summarise it into a digestible chunk for readers or watchers. We just have to ensure the research is valid, useful and relevant for your audience problem. Some of the ‘scientific’ based headlines can sound spammy, so it’s important that we are authentic and truthful whilst conveying excitement and offering the real facts.


Ok…so there’s a bit more to say about this free offer.  This one must be handled with care.

Offering free access to you has its pros and cons. The pros are you get to establish a good fit, allow clients to get a little taster of your expertise, build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor more quickly and get to weed out freebie hunters who will never book you.  (Yeah…they’re out there!).

It’s also a great option if you haven’t created any other type of opt-in yet, because it’s something you can offer immediately.

Remember to establish the boundaries for the call.  If it’s a ‘clarity call’ or ‘discovery call’, that means it’s about establishing their goals and seeing if your offer is a fit.  If it’s a coaching/consultancy call or ‘strategy call’ then you will usually provide a few tips around one or two of their pain points.

Make it clear what the offer is and don’t give away all your knowledge.  Just give enough to show your expertise and let them see the benefit of working with you.

Some downsides of offering a free call are:

It’s time consuming if you get a lot of people booking.

• You might be tempted to over help them on the call and ease their pain, so they don’t see the value of long term coaching/consultancy.

• It can come across as a hard sell to a cold audience who may be afraid of being sucked into signing up with you

.• It can cheapen your work if you don’t place the offer just right.

Free calls should be pitched as something of high value, given a benefit driven name and preferably positioned as a prized gift of personal access to your expertise. It’s helpful to have a small questionnaire to pre-screen the applicants.  Ask them a few pertinent questions about their willingness and readiness to pay for and take part in long term coaching/consultancy.

That said, it can be an excellent way to engage with people, offer value and get new clients.

If you don’t want to be swamped with free calls, then you can offer a competition to provide a  session once a week to one client on your list.  Then you can get them on your list in the knowledge they might get access to your cool brains. They can either be picked at random, or chosen based on the best burning question put forward in a group or via email.

Your ‘win a strategy session’ optin might look something like this…


If your content is compelling enough then you can drive a cold audience straight to a webinar.

This can be a live or a pre-recorded video that can become an evergreen giveaway.

The webinar optin is a powerful strategy on a few different levels.

It allows your audience to see you on video which is often better for engagement. You can then present your valuable free information first and follow it up with a sales pitch and paid offer.  This means your lead magnet doubles up as a direct sales channel. 

 The downside is that people might not want to commit to attending something they could see as time consuming and they might be ‘pitch wary’, if they’ve experienced other webinars with the hard sell. That said, if it sounds value packed and fun, then it can work a treat.

So there you have 8 solid free offers, that if you lead with value, should get your email list growing beautifully.   But that does lead us to the question…. How do you get it into the hands of customers through an opt-in channel?

Well that’s a simple process when you have a client converting website or blog page that allows you to do that easily.

Here’s how we help you deliver your lead magnet and build your list.

Go to Demos at www.dreamywebsite.com and see the pre-made sites we’ve created for you, with opt-in boxes built in.  So you can grow your business with speed and ease.

Now that’s less hassle, more power.


Love, Peace & Business Balling.

Linda B. x

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Start profiting from your NATURAL gifts.

Take the quiz to receive your Personal Superpower Blueprint.  If you have a ‘calling’ to change lives…then finding out who you REALLY are is the path to success.  Just do it you crazy diamond.