Where it comes to figuring out how to spend your dollars as a new or growing entrepreneur, then there are two areas that are PROVEN to grow your business mahoosively!

One is having a website that converts visitors to buyers (built with buyer psychology in mind) and the second is the words that you use on the page.

Although good visual branding is vital to building strong connections with your audience, it’s your words and message that will do the real heavy lifting when it comes to growing your business.  They describe the benefits of your service, build a relationship with your audience and they make the persuasive argument for the sale to take place.

BUT…we all know that copywriting is not cheap. It’s an expense that a start-up might struggle to afford.  Sometimes the only alternative is to write your own sales messages and website copy.

At Dreamy Website we help you find the words that sell and persuade.  We have options for getting your killer copy crafted, without breaking the bank (copy reviews instead of full copywriting service for example).

In the meantime, there are 4 quick wins you can put in place immediately to power up your website and get those optins and sales jogging along.


The 4 Quickies


1. Your Value Proposition


It’s important to figure out your unique selling proposition that separates you from all the thousands of others in your niche. One of the most common mistakes on websites is the same blah blah phrases that crop up over and over. I’m sure you’ve seen them all before… ‘We go the extra mile’, ‘We’re passionate about our work’, ‘top quality’…zzzzzz.

They’re so overdone, they’ve become invisible to the reader.  When we hear a phrase too many times, it becomes so meaningless to us, that we tune it out.

You’re looking to showcase the unique value that only YOU can offer or the unique voice or personality you have that will reach out to people through the screen.  You need to be positioned separately from all the others that are saying the exact same thing.

Have a look at the words and phrases you’re using to describe why working with you is a better experience than working with your competitors.  Why are you different?

Have a look at the top website banners of your most successful competitors. What are they saying that’s unique and interesting?  Which ones make you want to scroll down to learn more?

 You don’t have to copy them, but use them for inspiration to get your own unique value across in your message.


2.    Calls to Action (CTAs)


Whatever you say on your buttons will dictate whether you get visitors to take the action you want.  Sometimes the calls to action throughout a website can be vague, hidden or uninspiring and causes a bounce rate that’s catapulting visitors off the planet.

Try to avoid bland statements that don’t lead people to either move through the site, sign up to your list or buy your offer.  If you can avoid bland CTAs like, ‘learn more’ or ‘continue here’ or similar bland phrases, then you’ve got more chance of the click.

Instead, think of commands that are more compelling…

 Something like …‘Get your FREE report here’  or ‘Show me the magic!   Phrases like this are more interesting with a reminder of why they want to press the button. Immediate gratification is often convincing, so… ‘Instant Download’, is a winner and tends to work well for conversions.

3.   Your Smokin’ Headline


There’s an art and science to headlines.  If it’s the headline at the top of your website page, it should call out to who you’re serving, the problem you’re solving, and how you’re solving it.

 One statistic shows that only 2 out of 10 people will read your headline and scroll for more.  That means 8 visitors will leave your site based on your opening header. You don’t want to lose 80 percent of your potential customers because your headline sucks.

 A good way of getting better at writing headlines, is to read the headlines that made YOU scroll, swipe and click.  Do some research of the websites of the big names and gurus and see what they’ve come up with.  The headline will often be the hardest part of the copy you have to write. It has a lot of work to do in drawing people in.  The more you practice and study headlines, the better you become at writing them.  Go for it!

4.  Create Urgency



Get urgency in where you can.  Limited time, short-term sale, price is going up, limited edition, limited seats.  Only 1 week left to secure your spot.  Only 2 more days at this price.  In your shop ‘only 10 left at this price’ (good for creatives who can put limited editions on anything they sell).

So there you go.  4 little tweaks that will help you win over your website visitors.

It can be tricky to write compelling copy when you’re new to the skill.  Crafting a message that shows why you’re unique, writing intriguing headlines, persuasive button copy and genuine urgency appeals, will all help you to get those conversions rockin’


If you want help weaving your words of gold, then contact  linda@dreamywebsite.com.


Until then….love, peace & dream-filled words


Linda B x